Writing & Self-Isolation β€” Writer Wednesday

Hey there fellow writers! With all the fear and anxiety surrounding COVID-19 and social distancing, I know that it can hit creatives and their creativity levels. It's definitely hit me! I've had difficulty with my focus, and I just stared blankly at my screen, my manuscript the other day. No added words, not even a … Continue reading Writing & Self-Isolation β€” Writer Wednesday

The 5 Best Books on Creative Writing I’ve Read

Hey there fellow writers! For the past three or so years, I’ve been curating a small collection of creative writing reference books. And I figured why not share some of my favorites, so far, with the writing community. One of the most recommended tips for the writing process, especially in regards to improving your writing … Continue reading The 5 Best Books on Creative Writing I’ve Read

Writer Wednesday – Journaling

Hey there fellow writers! It's Writer Wednesday and I'm super excited because I'm going to chat about Journals and journaling! I've been journaling since I was six years old and it's been my saving grace for the past twenty years. I've documented some of the most important moments in my life. And I love going … Continue reading Writer Wednesday – Journaling