Beyond Meat Burger & Fries Recipe

Hey foodie peeps! Nia and I are back with a plant-based recipe that we've enjoyed and possibly had 2 or 3 times ... this week ... alone lol And so we thought it'd be a great idea to share it with all of you. Recipe Prep Time: 20-25 min | Ready In: 30-40 min | … Continue reading Beyond Meat Burger & Fries Recipe

Beef-less Rigatoni – Plant Based Recipe

Hey foodie peeps! Eat Travel Read's newest contributor Nia, is ready to hit your taste buds with an original recipe. If you didn't know, Nia and I decided to go plant-based this year. And we both thought it would be a great idea to bring all of you along on our journey. We love to … Continue reading Beef-less Rigatoni – Plant Based Recipe