Slapping “Multi-ethnic” Faces on Book Covers doesn’t work!

Really Barnes & Noble and Penguin Random House? Did you think this was the best way to "kickoff" Black History Month? By slapping black faces on books that either don't include us OR if by some miracle they do it's some old false narrative that should literally be thrown in the garbage. Wait, I'm getting … Continue reading Slapping “Multi-ethnic” Faces on Book Covers doesn’t work!

Discussion Post – American Dirt

If you're unfamiliar with the conversation and drama surrounding the book, American Dirt by Jeanine Cummins, I recommend clicking on the link below or google search it. Slate Article: Why Everyone's Talking About American Dirt I have a hard time formulating my thoughts without my emotions crowding important points, when discussing representation and its importance … Continue reading Discussion Post – American Dirt

Discussion Post – Tagging Authors

Hey there Bookwyrms and non-Bookwyrms, maybe baby wyrms? Okay you get the point. Hello readers! For this month’s discussion I wanted to tap into a conversation/situation, that occurred around the end of June into the beginning of July. It seemed to take the book world by storm.Β  Backstory Around June 28th/29th, Angie Thomas posted a … Continue reading Discussion Post – Tagging Authors

Discussion Post: Trigger Warnings

If you’re no stranger to the book community you know that about a month ago, an author made a grandiose claim that there is no need for trigger warnings for books. In fact check out the tweet thread down below. Now what is interesting is that in April, I had planned on reading her book … Continue reading Discussion Post: Trigger Warnings