The Happy Ever After Playlist – Book Review

Synopsis - Goodreads From the USA Today bestselling author of The Friend Zone comes an adorable and fresh romantic comedy about one trouble-making dog who brings together two perfect strangers.Two years after losing her fiancé, Sloan Monroe still can't seem to get her life back on track. But one trouble-making pup with a "take me home" look in his … Continue reading The Happy Ever After Playlist – Book Review

Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh – Top 5 Tuesday

Hey Bookwyrms! I’m so excited to participate in Shanah’s (Bionic Book Worm) Top 5 Tuesday! If you’d like to check out the different prompts for April and participate, click here. I will admit it was hard to figure out what five books have made me laugh recently. But I realized that I've had the pleasure … Continue reading Top 5 Books That Made Me Laugh – Top 5 Tuesday

Not That Kind of Guy – ARC Tuesday Review

Synopsis - Goodreads An office attraction becomes something more when they're off the clock in this delightful romantic comedy by the USA Today bestselling author of Not the Girl You Marry. State attorney Bridget Nolan is successful in all aspects of her life—except romance. After breaking up with her longtime boyfriend, she's been slow to reenter the dating … Continue reading Not That Kind of Guy – ARC Tuesday Review

Meet Cute

We’re introduced to the main characters Kailyn Flowers and Daxton Hughes in the cutest fan girl rom com scene. I mean honestly if Legally Blonde started off with this way, I would have probably loved it even more. Anyway back to the story! We’re introduced to the couple in a cutesy meet cute (pun intended) way and then we fast forward about five years.


First and foremost, it’s a sports romance. And although I loved watching The Game back in the day, I never really got into sports romance books over the past few years. However, with this series? trilogy? I’ll get back to you on that! What was I saying? Right— because of this book, I think i might take a nose dive into more sports-y books because this one has completely stolen my heart.

Serious Moonlight – ARC Review

Bennett’s writing style is equal parts captivating as it is informative. I’m not sure the length or extent of research she does for each story but it completely shows. What I appreciate the most is that she’s somehow mastered the art of appealing to those of us who love more character-driven stories and to those who favor plot and more plot-driven stories.