About Me

Have you ever wanted to do something that doesn’t necessarily fit the thirty year plan you set out for yourself when you were sixteen years old? This is mine.

My name is Kim and I’m a 27 year old New York native currently living in the beautiful city of Atlanta, trying to find my path in this crazy world. I’m a planner/calendar loving, novice blogger, writer and traveler. I enjoy long drives, snuggling up in my favorite blanket with a good book, traveling to new places, and eating delicious food.

I’m obsessed with palm trees and feel most calm when I’m near a body of water. Whether it’s a beach, river, creek or lake, waterfall or a backyard pool, you’ll find me there contemplating my next move or simply enjoying the scenery.

My love for books began when I was a child in the Barnes & Noble Jr. section and has followed me onto the main floor, falling in love with a variety of genres including New Adult, Contemporary, & Fantasy.

So far, I have traveled to eleven countries, fourteen major cities, seventeen states and lived in three; New York, Michigan & Georgia. My love for traveling also stems from my love for books. From the comfort of my room, I’ve traveled to places like Germany and Singapore, Greece and Italy, Ghana and Kenya. And just reading about them plays a hand in my wanting to visit them one day. Well, I’ve been to Italy and Greece already, but you guys know what I mean.

 I blame my love for food on my Grams and my Dad’s cooking. But my desire to try different foods and new things is something I picked up over recent years, mostly while I was in college.

I wrote my first full story when I was eleven, but up until recently, I didn’t give much thought to becoming a writer. Currently, I’m working on my first novel and short stories that I hope to publish someday.

 I hope to meet writers and readers, travelers and eaters along the way! Thank you for joining me on this journey!