Top 5 Places I Can’t Wait to Visit – International

One of the industries hit hardest due to the pandemic is the travel industry. And travelers who’ve had vacations and trips planned are unfortunately, forced to change them.

I had a few trips planned myself and I’m somewhat disappointed that I won’t be able to go on them. It doesn’t help that for a period of time, airline tickets were plummeting to some of my dream destinations!

Here are some places I plan on visiting once the COVID-19 pandemic dies down:

Seoul, South Korea

Seoul has been at the top of my list since 2013! I fell in love with the language, culture and of course pop culture. I so desperately want to taste the variety of street food, visit some of the local shops, try on a Hanbok and sip coffee at one of the many cafe shops. I’d also like to visit their libraries and bookstores.

Accra, Ghana

This city is relatively new to my list, however I’ve been fantasizing about visiting Ghana for almost a decade!

Bali, Indonesia

I know what you’re thinking, of course Bali’s on her list. But hear me out! Bali has gorgeous picturesque views. It just screams relaxation. I’d love the opportunity to spend at least 7 days taking rose petal baths, getting well-deserved massages and hang out on a calm beach in the clear water.

Monaco & The French Riviera

I will admit, this is more because of my sister. She’s been planning to visit the French Riviera for her birthday since our early twenties. And some of her enthusiasm has rubbed of on me lol I’d love to visit the Mediterranean and spend some time with the locals. Plus getting a chance to relax on the water is definitely bonus for me.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

After reading Crazy Rich Asians, I desperately want to visit Singapore and Malaysia. I learned so much about the different cultures, food and great architecture that Kuala Lumpur has quickly made it up the ranks of my travel bucket list. Plus it doesn’t hurt that it’s cheaper to travel there the best month of the year, July! I see a birthday trip to Malaysia in my distant future. Like 2021 distant lol

And there you have it! What are some places you’re hoping to travel to after this pandemic dies down?

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