Top 3 Writing Playlists – Writer Wednesday

Hey there fellow writers!

I’m not gonna lie, my creativity levels have been low these past few weeks. I have barely looked at or touched my manuscript. And believe me, I’ve taken my own advice from my Writing & Self- Isolation.

However, I have been able to work on a few of my short story ideas. And one of the ways that I’ve been able to do that, is my various writing playlists.

Happy/ Go-Lucky Playlist

These are the songs that make me think and feel like I’m constantly watching a reel of Beyoncรฉ in her yellow dress from Lemonade twirling around on the street. Granted we all know that the last thing she was, was happy or go-lucky. But that scene coupled with songs like Welcome to the Cookout by Terrell Grice & Juice by Lizzo, help me when I’m writing meet-cute scenes or the start of a pretty neutral scene before it all goes to shit. This playlist helps me stay in this mood. And I’m able to pay attention to things that I’d probably overlook if I wasn’t in a “everything in life is great” mood. It’s helped me find creative ways to be more descriptive.

Heartbreak/Sad Song Playlist

This playlist is a bit tricky because I have tiers! There are songs like, Goodbye by 2NE1 that just generally put me in a sad mood. One where I can write about specific moments, like second-guessing oneself, remembering a sad memory or just feeling sad for any kind of reason. These songs help me tap into that level of emotion organically.

Then there are my heartbreak songs, for exactly what it sounds like heartbreak scenes and moments. And let me tell you those scenes generally have a myriad of emotions. Whether its anger, disbelief, rage, despair, listening to just the right song helps me immensely. One of my favorites to listen to is I Hope by Gabby Barrett. Before I know it, I end up fuming over one of my characters like he/she/they are real.

And lastly, my grief playlist. This playlist is extra personal because I tend to write stories that include the loss of a loved one. And not because I want to up the tension but because it is maybe the easiest space for me to be in. (More on why will come later) My go-to song for this playlist is Evergreen by YEBBA And sometimes I just need that extra push.

Serenity Playlist

And last but not least, my serenity playlist! Mostly filled with Smooth Jazz and mediation music like, Under a Purple Sky. This playlist sets me up to write. The music puts me in a calm mood and encourages me to work on my stories. I tend to get very anxious right before my scheduled writing time. And so this playlist helps me calm down and regain my confidence. I have had many successful writing spurts from this playlist alone.

There you have it! My Top 3 Writing Playlists! If you’re a writer and have your own playlists, I’d love to hear about them! Maybe exchange favorite songs. Let me know down in the comments down below.

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