Top 5 Tuesday: Top 5 Authors K – O

Hey Bookwyrms! I’m so excited to participate in Shanah’s Top 5 Tuesday! If you’d like to check out the different prompts for March and participate, click here .

This month is extra special because we’re highlighting authors! I’ve decided to go by last name since that’s usually the first thing I see on book spines. But you can choose to go by first or last names. No pressure in these parts.

K: Brigid Kemmerer

Favorite Book: More Than We Can Tell

Looking Forward to: A Heart So Fierce & Broken

Release Date: January 7, 2020

Kemmerer’s writing style is maybe my favorite thing about her books! I read both Letters to the Lost and More Than We Can Tell—separate of each other— in one day! Her contemporary books evoke such emotion and her characters are so relatable. I will admit, I was a bit nervous to pick up A Curse So Dark & Lonely. However, she completely blew this fantasy re-telling out of the water and I can’t wait to dive into the next book in the Cursebreakers series.

L : Christina Lauren

Favorite Books: Dirty Rowdy Thing (Wild Seasons #2) & Twice in a Blue Moon

Looking Forward to: The Honey-Don’t List

Release Date: March 24, 2020

I discovered Christina Lauren’s books about two years ago and I’ve been a big fan of their books since. Being in my mid-twenties, I realize that I like to read more adult content. In other words, smut lol And wow did they satisfy my smutty appetite! Beyond that, this author duo writes humor-filled, heart-wrenching stories that will have you cracking up while simultaneously drowning in a pool of your own tears. They’re definitely on my list of auto-buy authors.

M: Sarah J Maas & Alexa Martin

Favorite Books: Heir of Fire & Intercepted

Looking Forward to: House of Earth and Blood & Snapped

Release Dates: March 3, 2020 and October 20, 2020

First of all, it was extremely difficult to choose just one author with the last name M because I have waaay too many authors I love whose last name starts with that letter. Second, I absolutely love and adore Sarah J Maas and Alexa Martin for the same reason. They both mastered the art of relatable characters in their respective genres. I’m massive #MaasTrash or as I like to say #Maasassin and found her books when I was going through a very dark period in my life. And Alexa Martin came into my life when I needed more light hearted romances. I absolutely adore them both.

N: Jenn P. Nguyen

Favorite Book: The Way to Game the Walk of Shame

Looking Forward to: Fake It Till You Break It

Release Date: May 28, 2020

I will admit, I’ve technically only read one book from Nguyen. However, I raced through The Way to Game the Walk of Shame in one day and absolutely enjoyed it. Nguyen does a fantastic job writing the fake/pretend relationship trope. It’s equal parts entertaining as it is heart warming.

O: Michelle Obama

Favorite Book: Becoming

Okay technically I’m sort of cheating with this one. But seeing as Becoming is one of my all-time favorite books, I figured why not highlight my forever First Lady!

And there you have it! Another list of some of my favorite authors and books! Do we have any in common? Let me know in the comments down below!

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