Writing Prompts!

Hey there fellow writers!

Do you remember those exercises teachers gave you from elementary to high school? The ones that gave you one or two topics, and either asked you to compare and contrast or just discuss it within five or so sentences? If you’re like me—hated those exercises by the way, never did you ever think that writing prompts would be your saving grace as an adult writer. 

This past week, I’ve been in such a heavy writing mood. And I live for those moments because they come few and far between. Unfortunately, I suffer from writer’s block often. So those surges give me that push to get words down on paper. However last week Sunday, I couldn’t decide if I wanted to work on my manuscript/short stories or write in my writing prompt book. 

And so, when in doubt, set up a poll on instagram and ask my wonderful bookstagram family! And 100% of the votes went to working on something of my own instead of the writing prompt book. So of course, as bookstagram commands I follow lol 

But I also realized that people are less likely to choose writing prompts.

In my post, The 5 Best Books on Creative Writing I’ve Read , I mentioned one of my favorite books, 642 Things to Write About. Essentially each page has a topic or statement and you write about it. But I have another writing prompt book, Write the Story, that I also love to use when I need to get my creative juices going. 

With Write the Story, you’re given scenario and about 6 – 10 words that you need to incorporate in the scenario. A majority of these words have nothing to do with the scenario you’re to write.

For example, Scenario: Date at a Piano Bar. Sample Words: Zoology, Smoke, Ball, Baseball Cap, Fudge

And so, more often than not, I find myself staring at the words trying to figure out how I can come up with a story because I mean how can you incorporate zoology with a date at a piano bar?

But, I found that during those writer block moments these writing prompts have been my saving grace. In fact, a few of these writing prompts have helped with my manuscript. They’ve helped me think outside the box and outside of the characters and world I’ve created. And because of that I now have more ideas for my current stories and future stories.

So, I highly recommend these types of books to my fellow writers! Pick up one of these types of books and get those creative juices flowing. You have a story out there that needs to be shared with the world!

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