Writer Wednesday – Creative Writing

Hey there fellow writers, it’s Writer Wednesday! And while I racked my brain trying to figure out what I could discuss today, this instantly flash to mind.

Creative Writing Class

It’s a given that most people who are self-proclaimed or critically acclaimed writers have taken a creative writing class of some kind during their academic career. Or is that just me projecting my own insecurities out into the world? That’s right folks! Of the ton of English classes I’ve taken, none of them were creative writing classes. Sure, I’ve had set aside class time to work on a poem, short story, haiku etc. But never a class dedicated to all of those things and more.

To be honest, I’d had the opportunity to take one in college. But I didn’t enjoy my required English classes. And was fearful that I’d feel the same about in the one class I would take for pure pleasure and not to meet a requirement. And so, I thought watching Authortube would make me less of an imposter.

Until I found Skillshare! Skillshare is a website where you can take classes on a variety of subjects like; Animation, Graphic Design, Marketing and you guessed it Creative Writing, among others.

I was super excited! I’d like to think of myself as a perpetual student. I love to learn about any and everything. But, I don’t like homework lol. So, to be able to learn more about a subject or take specialized classes from the comfort of my bed or, in my case home office, sounded too good to be true.

Of course, all things can’t be too good. For access to premium perks, there is a cost. But an annual charge of $99 with unlimited access to different classes and materials compared to the thousands of dollars I’d already spent to get my Poli Sci degree, didn’t seem so bad.

Now, I get to take classes at my own pace, and learn different techniques that I can apply to my manuscript. And I thought, maybe I wasn’t the only one who found themselves in this predicament. And with NanoWriMo around the corner, all the help we can get the better amiright?

Some of my favorite Creative Writing classes are taught by Barbara Vance and I highly recommend checking her out. She’s an Author, Illustrator and Youtuber.

If this interests you, click here . You’ll get two free months of Skillshare Premium and share one of those free months with me!

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