Writer Wednesday – Journaling

Hey there fellow writers! It’s Writer Wednesday and I’m super excited because I’m going to chat about Journals and journaling!

I’ve been journaling since I was six years old and it’s been my saving grace for the past twenty years. I’ve documented some of the most important moments in my life. And I love going back and reading some of my emotions, and recalling certain events that were great and not so great. And just seeing genuine hard proof of the kind of person I was at a particular age and time.

However, now that I’m 26, I find it harder and harder to commit to journaling. Some days I’m just too tired, other days I don’t have anything positive to write about or remember. And now it’s not just little moments, or little frustrations, regarding school and friends. Now it’s the stress of paying bills, worrying about paying back school loans, trying to save for a vacation. Or its simple joys, like being able to make a meal after a long day of work, or actually going to the gym after promising myself months back that I would.

So after about a nine or ten month break, I’ve started journaling again. And it has been a journey to say the least. But I want to encourage all of my fellow writers to keep up with at least one journal.

Why? Because in a weird way you’re documenting a main character. YOU. You’re traits, personality, scars, and everything in between.

And that will ultimately help with your writing!

I’m not saying that you have to create a fictional caricature of yourself in all of your stories. BUT you can add bits and pieces of yourself to any of your characters.

Make one of your memories, their memory too. Have them re-enact a situation or scene you may have found yourself in. You’ll be surprised how three-dimensional your characters looks and feels. And even better, your readers will feel that too!

This post is actually inspired by a fellow bookstagrammer, Nicky Sams. You may know her from my Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger & #BookShark series. Check out her awesome tumblr page!

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