Writer Wednesday – Am I a Writer?

Hey there Bookwyrms and fellow writers. I realize that although this is a gigantic part of who I am, I barely ever blog about my writing. The worst part is I suffer from severe imposter syndrome as a writer (still feels weird to type that out loud). Which also means, I fear sharing this side of me to the world.

But I had my come to Jesus moment and I’d like to share it with all of you.

#1. You, yes you staring back at me through whichever screen you’re reading this on. If you’ve put paper to pen or in my case, fingertip to keyboard, and wrote or typed something out, you’re a writer.

#2. And I can’t stress this enough, your favorite author was right where you are at some point. They’ve had the same fears and grappled with self-doubt doubt. Especially the evilest one, thinking your a shit writer and no one would ever in a million years read your work. They’ve all gone through it as well.

#3. They’re STILL going through it! Because as you know it takes a village, governor, housekeeper and just a shitload of people to create a novel.

#4. Just keep at it! Even when you’re feeling like the saddest part of Nat King Cole’s, Smile, funnel those emotions into your work.

And before you know it, you’ll have a little piece of yourself out there in the world.

So when that evil little devil called Imposter Syndrome sneaks up on you, stare it in the face and poke its eyeballs out with your pen. Because guess what, YOU’RE A WRITER!

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