Meet the #Bookstagrammer #Blogger & #BookShark – Phoebe

Hey there Bookwyrms! Its Friday and that means *drum roll* It’s time for … Meet the #Bookstagrammer, #Blogger & #Bookshark!

Without further adieu, let’s put our hands together for my next guest!!

Name & @handle: Phoebe Wright @readandwright

Pheobe’s a #bookstagrammer, #blogger & #BookShark

City: New York City (New York, New York)

Favorite Genres:  Historical Fiction, Memoir, Fiction (I can’t choose just one!!!)


 Physical, E-book or Audiobook, which do you prefer?

Always physical. It’s nice to “turn off” during the day and just read without a screen. 

What genre interests you the least? Why?

I’m not really into fantasy. I love Harry Potter and I’m currently reading Game of Thrones, but I don’t think I’ll ever pick up Lord of the Rings. It’s just not my thing. 

Interviewer Interruption: Funny enough, in a weird way, I feel the same way. Apart from Harry Potter, SJM and any other YA Fantasy author that I’ve read, I’m not all that interested in Adult/High Fantasy. I have no plans of ever picking up Lord of the Rings either.

Who are your top 3 bookish heroes/heroines?

Jo March, Ginny Weasley, and Arya Stark

What do you like most about the book community?

The positivity! It’s such a wonderfully positive place and it makes all the work I put into it worth it.

And finally, ask a question for the next #bookstagrammer, #blogger or #bookshark

What would the title of your memoir be?

Thank you Phoebe for allowing us to get to know you!
Check out Phoebe’s gorgeous photos and awesome reviews by clicking the links down below! While you’re there send some good vibes and happy remarks because… she’s getting married ya’ll!! (Next June btw)


Read and Wright

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