Traveler Tips: Prep for TSA Security Check

Some of you like myself, went away for college which meant either driving, flying or taking Amtrak back and forth between home and school. 

And so, after about a year of flying back and forth, I developed a system to get through the security line faster. So, here are some of my prep tips. 


Refrain from wearing anything with pockets. You’re more than likely going to put something in a pocket and completely forget about it until it’s your turn to be scanned. To avoid that, wear comfortable leggings. You’ll feel more at ease during a long or short flight and you don’t have to worry about leaving hairpins, or any other metal object in your pockets and suffer the annoyance of being what I like to call, double checked. 

Wear footwear that’s easy to slip your foot in and out of. My personal favorite are moccasins and sandals. But obviously if you’re traveling to or from cold areas you’ll probably have to wear something more sturdier. Choose boots that only need to be zipped up. Not laced up or any other kind of contraption. 

Try to make your top/shirt the only piece of clothing you’ll need. And what I mean by that is , unless absolutely necessary, try not to have a jacket or coat that you have to shrug out of. If it’s cooler where you’re traveling to or from try to get away with a pullover sweater or long sleeve shirt. If it’s on the warm side try a roomy t-shirt. Longer shirts are a plus especially since we now have to lift our arms when going through the scanner. 


Photo by Olia Nayda on Unsplash

Try to have a hair style that doesn’t require hair pins. Why? Because after going through double check and after they “assess” your hair aka mess the thing you put so much time and effort into you’ll be annoyed and irritated. And irritability on top of travel nerves are no fun!

Travel Bag

Now this important. Over the years, I’ve realized that the most helpful and useful travel bag is a book bag! Why? 

Well for one, the weight of your bag is distributed to both of your shoulders instead of one which is especially helpful when you have to wait in long lines or walk long distances to get to your gate or the Ground Transportation/Baggage Claim area. 

Photo by Samuel LG on Unsplash

Also book bags curb just how many things you want to pack or bring on your trip. I have a bad habit of relegating things from my carry-on to the bag I’m taking on the plane. Then guess whose the annoying passenger bumping into everyone with my bag as I walk through the aisle on the plane. Me. 

If you are also like me, you don’t go anywhere without your devices. Meaning, my Mac and iPad have to be with me everywhere I go. Well if you didn’t know, most airports require you to place these items in a separate bin. Therefore, I recommend getting a case where you can insert both your laptop and tablet. That way you only have to take the case out and place it in the bin. 

*side note* laptop book bags are an added plus when traveling. *

And there you have it! These are some of my prep tips that will help you skate through the Security line just a bit faster. Stay tuned for some of my tricks once your on line waiting to go through the scanner!

Do you have any Travel prep tips? Tell me in the comments down below!

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