ATL CityPass: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Atlanta CityPass Series

Location: Fernbank Museum of Natural History

Address: 767 Clifton Rd, Atlanta, GA 30307

Plan Your Visit

Moving to Atlanta from NYC was an easy decision. Inviting my family to spend the weekend? Not so much. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family I promise I do. But I also like not living so close to them sometimes. 

My little three year-old cousin who’s literally my heart personified, my Aunt and Grandparents traveled down from Charlotte for a weekend adventure back in February.

My Aunt wanted to do something fun and educational. So she suggested the Georgia Aquarium and hinted at purchasing a CityPass. With the Atlanta CityPass you’re able to visit 5 Atlanta attractions over the course of 10 days. For a list of the attractions included and more on pricing click here

In the end, we purchased the CityPass at the aquarium and planned to visit the Fernbank Museum of Natural History the next day.

Giganotosaurus Mesozoic Display in the Great Hall

So, on a rainy Sunday morning my best friend Nia and the entire family troop made our way to what I like to call the palace of Dinosaurs. After parking our cars, and giving in our passes to the front associate, my excited little cousin was ready to see the dinosaurs. As we made our way to the great hall a large Argentinosaurus from the Giants of the Mesozoic display loomed over us. He (I’ve decided its a he) stretches from what feels like the top floor of the museum, which is about four stories high to the ground floor. Stair cases and Romeo and Juliet balconies circle the great hall behind him, and to say it was beautiful is an understatement. The large Argentinosaurus is also surrounded by his friends; the Giganotosaurus, Anhanguera and the Pterodaustro. For more information on the display click here .

We rode the elevator down to the ground floor and my very inquisitive grandmother walked over to the gigantic dinosaurs plaque to read more about him and his friends. Once my best friend, a budding photographer got some good shots of the area and my family we made our way under the Argentinosaurus open ribs into the Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibit.

Apart from the Pterodactyl, I was unaware there was a species called the Pterosaurs. I know. I’m in my mid-20s and I’m ignorant of some of the most basic knowledge of Dinosaurs. Not to mention I’ve visited the Museum of Natural History in Manhattan more times than I can count.

First Look in the Exhibit

I learned a lot about the colorful species. Some of their wingspans rivaled Daenerys’ dragons (appropriate Game of Thrones reference) and their beaks looked like they could devour all 5 foot 11 inches of me in one fell swoop. Others were smaller and more colorful than I’ve ever seen.

Stopping at a few fossil exhibits and reading a few plaques, we moved towards an area where microscopes were set up. My aunt encouraged my little cousin to look over the different specimens. She, with her young attention span was both excited and completely over it in approximately ten seconds.

Grandma reading about the species

As we meandered through the exhibit, my eye caught something exciting. The exhibit has an interactive virtual reality game where kids (and adults) can step onto a pad in front of a giant screen and flap their arms as wings leaning forward and back pretending to be one of the pterosaurs. What’s even better, you can choose the location you’d like to fly over. Whether its a large lake with the wide open sky stretched above or a beautiful green mountain landscape where you can almost smell the pine and cedar wood, for at least five minutes you get to pretend you’re just a dinosaur taking in the scenery looking for something to eat. We chose the lake and for a majority of her time, my cousin flapped around in the water rather than over the water, but she had so much fun doing it.

And although we had fun exploring the other exhibits and watching the 40-minute long documentary about The Great Barrier Reef, the Pterosaurs: Flight in the Age of Dinosaurs exhibit was the best part of our visit.

So if you live in the Atlanta area, or plan on visiting soon and maybe want to spend a day with the dinosaurs, I definitely recommend checking out the Fernbank Museum of Natural History. Maybe (informally) adopt a dinosaur like I did.

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