Renegades & Archenemies Review

Both Renegades & Archenemies are an introduction to Marissa Meyer for me. I’ve heard of The Lunar Chronicles both on Booktube & Bookstagram but I hadn’t thought I’d particularly enjoy the series. However, I was really intrigued by the premise for Renegades. And after finishing it, I knew I had to continue with Archenemies.

In Renegades, told from Nova & Adrian’s point of views, you’re brought on a journey where both of their paths cross. Nova, the niece of the famous Ace Anarchy, has one goal. To get revenge on the so-called heroes, the Renegades. The heroes she believed would come and save her if she or her loved ones were in danger. The same heroes that never came when she needed them most. In order to destroy them, Nova goes undercover as a Renegade subsequently joining Adrian’s team. Adrian Everhart, is the son of two of the council members and highest ranking Renegades, Hugh Everheart & Simon Westwood. Adrian, who has a secret of his own is happy to add Nova to his team as they maintain peace in Gatlon City. Adrian is a super cool, fun-loving caring guy who was adopted by his fathers after the sudden death of his mother when he was a young child. He’s on the hunt for the elusive Nightmare, a villain, who he thinks might have some connection to his mother’s death.

In Archenemies, both Nova and Adrian are determined to complete their own missions. Nova is revitalized by her goal to take the Renegades down from the inside out. Adrian, who was so close to possibly figuring out how his mother died, did not want to believe all his hopes had been for nothing after finally facing Nightmare. However, their feelings for each other is constantly at war with what they want to accomplish. Not to mention more secrets, more lies, and betrayal. Is there a world where the two of them aren’t mortal enemies? Where their secrets are not what’s holding them apart?

Both stories are action-packed, thrilling and reminiscent of some of the social norms and laws that make-up today’s society. The major theme, Good v. Evil, makes you question whether there are distinct divides between the two or are we all just a product of our environment and decisions. I especially loved that the romantic aspect of the book was slow burning and not a major plot point for the story. The writing is flawless. And the character development is phenomenal and realistic. I thoroughly enjoyed reading both books and can’t wait to read the next and final installment!

4.5 stars

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