Bookstore Say What?

After the Barnes & Noble by my house closed down, (a post for another time) at the end of 2016, I was on the hunt for a new Barnes & Noble home. There are 2 locations near me, both located about 20-25 minutes away. However, I was more familiar with one location over the other simply because I knew the area. And so for a year I settled with this location. (again, another post for another time)

Around two weeks ago, Karina and I decided to venture out to the other location and it blew me away! The Barnes & Noble in the Vernon Hills Shopping Center is probably the most beautiful store I’ve ever been to. The high glass doors at the entrance filtered in unadulterated sunlight, casting a shadow on the opposite wall that had letters all over it (still unsure if the letters spelled out anything). Once we stepped inside, we walked down the escalator (it was out of order) and onto the main floor. We were both slightly hungry and thought we would probably get a quick bite at the Starbucks Café that is usually located within the franchise stores. On our immediate left, there were couches and desks filled with people on their laptops. A couple of steps in, the cashiers were on the left and on our right there was what looked to be a circular station, where people seemed to be ordering a light snack or beverage. Behind the station, there were rows of tables and chairs and seating areas, more than I’ve ever seen in a Barnes & Noble before.

After perusing through our favorite sections and picking up some books, that I for one certainly didn’t need to buy, we made our way to the cashier to check out. By this time, we were both starving and the cashier recommended what I thought was a simple sandwich that we could just grab and go.

Boy was I wrong!

It turns out, the circular station was in fact a bar and the many seats behind it belonged to the Barnes & Noble Kitchen, a full-service restaurant. That’s right you didn’t read it wrong, this location has it’s own restaurant. As the hostess led us to our seats, my jaw dropped in mild shock. I’ve had many moments where I wished Barnes & Noble served something heavier than the small sandwiches and scones from the Starbuck’s café and finally it was happening.

As we sat down and looked over the menu, our waiter came and offered us water and gave us sometime to order. Finally settling on the meal we wanted, we ordered our food and I continued to look around. Karina, realized there was also an area outside, where patrons could probably eat during the spring and summer time. 

I had the Brisket Burger with crispy potatoes. The burger was juicy, the cheese gooey and delicious, and the potatoes were crispy with just the right amount of salt. All in all I really enjoyed my meal.

Karina had the Brick-Cooked Chicken which came with puréed potatoes & watercress. She expressed that the puréed potatoes were amazing. However, the chicken was a bit salty but she liked that it wasn’t dry.  She also ordered a side of broccoli which was also very good. Overall, she enjoyed her meal as much as I did.

If you are in the Scarsdale/Bronx Area, I recommend checking out the Barnes & Noble Kitchen.

Rating 4/5 stars

Location: Vernon Hills Shopping Center

680 White Plains Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583

Date: February 5, 2018

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